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Mindset Manifesting as Money, Health, and Relationships by Sovereign Storytellers

Nov 8, 2022

Why do we need a title for normal human abilities? Especially a word with hundreds of years of energetic barned wire and fire embedded in it. Why are we still separating magic from everyday life? It may be time to simply listen and allow a merging and greater awakening to occur. 

Oct 21, 2022

Things die - identities, cultures, belief systems, roles, physical states, and labels. We help ourselves most when we consciously say goodbye. 

Sep 24, 2022

Letting go of money brings more. Dropping the search for love awakens you to "real" love. Not grasping for clients brings them to your door. Fighting anything keeps you stuck in the energy of division, but how do you let go? Listen in, and I'll tell you exactly how to do it. 

Aug 10, 2022

We can play Compare and Despair or Compare and Delight, but both are destructive and a real block to your brilliance. These games are thieves in your Mind. We can do better.

Magic and joy are available to you every moment you breathe, but you'll miss them if you're busy looking outward. If you're evaluating those around...

Jul 1, 2022

What if you could offer healing to everyone you encounter? What if your energy and Presence were so cohesive and strong that anyone could just stand next to you and be helped/healed? 

We can stop healing and helping through action and start automatically offering healing through BEING cohesive in our energy and...