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Mindset Manifesting as Money, Health, and Relationships by Sovereign Storytellers

Aug 4, 2021

Money and Love are powerful energies. If you've associated powerful energy with pain due to abuse or sexual violation or even a dominating or dismissive caretaker your nervous system needs help to receive.

*words such as rape and sexual assault are mentioned briefly in this episode. 

Aug 2, 2021

How do we define the value of a human life? Too many of us are defining ourselves in terms of productivity, bank balances, and tangible achievements rather than simple moments and pure joys. When is enough, enough? How do we define enough? Where do we find our sense of value when all of our sources for gold stars...

Aug 2, 2021

We're being challenged to look at how we live and why we do all that we do. Toxic productivity is killing us and letting go means entering a goo state that can be incredibly disorienting. Here's what to do about it.