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Mindset Manifesting as Money, Health, and Relationships by Sovereign Storytellers

Oct 24, 2018

We are addicted to the "cup o' agony" chemical mix of our familiar bad feeling place. When we decide we would prefer a "cup o' peace" it can feel pretty disorienting and strange. Planning for your new normal to feel abnormal can carry you through mindset work and addiction recovery of all kinds.

Oct 17, 2018

(recorded live on Facebook) Today I talked about the process of knowing where you are today so you can get to where you want to be tomorrow! Hint: slobbing around the house in shorts and T-shirt all day probably aren't helping you feel like a successful entrepreneur (another hint: I'm talking to myself here!)


Oct 15, 2018

Today's sound is rough but stick with it because you get to hear how through questioning, feeling into the body and exploring we get to hear how the magic happens. We feel and hear how Dani H. opens up to receive a book ready for her to write and get into the world, define an audience and I clearly see her giving a TED...