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Mindset Manifesting as Money, Health, and Relationships by Sovereign Storytellers

Oct 15, 2018

Today's sound is rough but stick with it because you get to hear how through questioning, feeling into the body and exploring we get to hear how the magic happens. We feel and hear how Dani H. opens up to receive a book ready for her to write and get into the world, define an audience and I clearly see her giving a TED talk on this topic.

Dani's philosophy is fewer answers, more questions. It's the guiding principle of her life and is, I believe, a profound gift our world truly needs!

This is often what happens in my intuitive coaching - we start one place but end up in another and often it's a surprise to us both! I live for this stuff!

If you want a session of your own please visit or get ready to deep dive in Sovereign Storytellers which opens for registration November 23, 2018.

Special thanks to all the brave women who jump right into being coached live!